Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cute New Toy - NOT!

I recently picked up a new toy for the pups. It has become Kona's favorite. He carries this thing around with him for a good part of the day, "honking" the thing nonstop sometimes. Even the other dogs get tired of it.

Harley tried to call someone for help, but without thumbs it was too hard, so she gave up at took a nap.
Kona is dejected that no one wants to listen to him honk his new toy anymore. Mom took it away and put it up high on a shelf for a little while. (So we could rest our poor ears!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Name is Sue, and I think I may be a "Foodie"

According to Slashfood, and Answers.com, a foodie is defined as "someone who has an ardent or refined interest in food." I like to eat. I like good stuff. A. LOT.

I even like to take pictures of my food, especially when I am somewhere new, that offers a great presentation. Is that strange? Don't answer that...just that fact that I had to ask, kind of already answers my question. Everybody needs a hobby though, right? So what if my hobbies include enjoying delightful new cuisine, sampling the delicacies of far-off places, and causes me to gain a pound or a couple here and there...we only live once...or so I've heard.
On that little two-day cruise I was on last week, there were plenty of opportunities to "sample" some new fare. Including the "Chocolate Buffet"....(pinch me, I think I may be in heaven!) consisting of countless different chocolate cakes, pies, dipped fruits, you name it, if it was chocolate, they served it.

It was spectacular...I'm just sayin....

Jump Joey, Jump!

When Pickle and I went to the Dock Dog competition, we were there to support Val and Joey. It was so much fun to see them in action together!

Flying Furballs!

This past weekend there was a Dock Dog competition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Pickle and I accompanied Val, who had entered Joey in the contest. (My pooches LOVE the water, but prefer to enter by the stairs, thank you very much. Jump off a dock? Not for them.)

It was a blast being out there to see so many cool, talented dogs fly into the water. Some flew as far as 26 feet! (I'm pretty sure the world record is right at about 29 feet.) It was a really fun afternoon!

Some pups aren't as anxious as others to jump off the dock.
The sweet face of a happy dog!
Go Joey, Go!

Friday, March 27, 2009

You bite my face...

...and I'll bite yours.

Jack, Kona and Harley were full of spunk this morning and engaged in a little friendly tug of war on the jowls, while, not surprisingly, Jill lazily watched from her favorite spot in the house - her bed. Goofy dogs.

Simply Splendid!

I arrived home safely yesterday afternoon after an excellent 2 day adventure on the Carnival Splendor. The ship was awesome, and it would have been very easy to spend a lot more time on it than we did. The food was great (I think I'm turning into a "foodie" because I took a LOT of pictures of all of the yummy stuff they served) the weather was beautiful, the spa was glorious, the free alcohol was delightful, the decor of the ship was, um, interesting (they said the theme of the ship is "All things Splendid") and all it all it was a fantastic couple of days.

Here are just a few of the many, many pictures I took.

This is not the Splendor, this is the Queen Mary, that we saw on the way to the Splendor.
Ah, yes, here at last!
Leaving Long Beach, looking out from our balcony.
Looking towards the front of the ship, and the crow's nest.
Yes, the decor was "interesting" - these manequins were outside a bar/disco called the "Red Carpet"
Inside one of the smaller show rooms.
The main pool area.
The "Black Pearl" dining room.
This is the spa's whirlpool room. We spent a lot of time in here on Wednesday.
The weather was great!
With no kids on this particular cruise, the water slide wasn't very busy.
Looking off the back of the ship.
Most of the decks were pretty wide open.
Looking down towards the main lobby and bar area.
Another view of the main lobby.
The main pool area, early in the morning.

Ah, Lisa and I enjoying a cool rummy beverage before heading off to dinner.