Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well, so much for that!

I had every good intention of blogging at least once a week this year.  Ha! What was I thinking?  That I might actually have time to blog?  Silly, silly me.  Here it is Feb. 1st already and I've posted exactly ONCE so far this year.

January was busy month.  I did a LOT of visits with Kona, committed to working more with Lucas (aka Squirt) on his manners (he is a work in progress) and so much more.  I visited with some old friends, had a wonderful spa day with one of my besties, surprised another of my besties for her birthday, made a quick trip to Vegas, went to a bridal fair with Bear, had lunch with a couple of different friends on different days, attended the funeral of the father of an old friend, went to a couple of dog events, saw a movie or three, fell down and nearly knocked my teeth our, worked on wedding stuff, worked some gold parties and fundraisers,went on a super cool scavenger hunt, and so much more.  No wonder I didn't get the chance to blog!

But here I am now, so no hard feelings, right?  Here are some photos from the month just to keep you in the loop.

I won a couple hundred bucks on this spin!
 Nice fat lip, huh?
 Silk flowers arrangements we made for Bear's Bridal shower.
 Hard at work and having a blast!
 I got an "UP" by Jawbone, and it monitors how much I sleep (or in my case how much I don't sleep!)
Nothing more fun than surprising someone you love!
 We got most of the invitations out!
 Hanging with Syl and Bear at a bridal fair.  Lots of good ideas, and goodies to taste and drink test!
Playing with the pups- first pool fun on the year.
 Visits and more visits!
 If he were only as well behaved as he looks.  Haha!
Enjoying an evening out (doing a super fun scavenger hunt) and enjoying a walking tour of our lovely city.