Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howloween!

Please don't say I torture my dogs...they like their costumes. They really do...they even told me...can't you see the smiles on their faces?
Have a safe, fun Halloween!

The Guests - part 1

I'll split the pictures of the guest up into at least two posts, since I have so many pictures to share. I'm also waiting on some pictures from other people to see who I missed taking pictures of. I started out the evening great by taking pictures of people as they walked in, but with over 80 people coming in, I was quickly distracted and I know I missed quite a few.

So we'll start with these few...WARNING-some of these pictures might be considered offensive (I hope not, but you never know) and a bit raunchy. I hope not to offend anyone.

Here they are, the first batch, in no particular order (because blogger is driving me nuts): James Dean, Cecil B. DeMille, Moses, Anna Nicole, Princess Grace (after the crash) Bettle Juice (winner of best costume-male) Cleopatra, Mrs. Robinson, Pamela Anderson, OJ Simpson, Nicole Simpson, Superman, Aunt Ester (winner of most "authentic"), the 3 Stooges, Natalie Wood & another James Dean, Elvis & his Geisha girlfriend, Cleopatra, Johnny Cash, The Hollyweird Police, Grace Kelly, Betty Boop & Jessica Rabbit, the Blues Brothers, and Phyllis Diller...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Decorations

Here are a few more of the party decorations...(the movie Marquee is rated "R" - so pass by that one quick if you are easily offended...)

The "Birds" scene on our spa...
Yum, a tasty treat!

The frig...
Plates, utensils, etc.
Ah, yes, the bathroom...
Shower scene from Psycho reenacted. The knife wielding arm moved and everything, and of course we had the Psycho theme playing too.
The skeleton paparazzi with flashing cameras
The hallway to the bathroom was lined in creepy posters
The spider den in the living room, complete with strobe and spinning "cocoon" man.
Our personalized movie marquee (a bit raunchy, but all in good fun)
A guest from last year that showed up without a costume.
Our version of Marilyn Monroe, and yes, her dress was flying in the wind with the aid of a fan underneath her.
The lovely "twins" at the end of the hallway.

Monday, October 27, 2008


While we were getting the last minute decorations ready for the party, our pups had a sleepover party of their own at our friend Lisa's house. Poor Jill gets really freaked out by the decorations, and Lisa is kind enough to have them spend Friday and Saturday at her house so we can finish up everything without traumatizing them too much. From the pictures below, you can see that they look pretty darn happy and comfortable hanging out with Lisa's Boxers - Puzzle and Bonnie Blu.

Our 2008 "A-ca-dead-a-me Awards" Halloween Party

WE DID IT! We survived our annual Halloween Party! Whew! It was a doosie. All in all we had a fantastic time. It was LOTS of work, but totally worth it in the long run. We had a very nice turnout...including the people we had working the gaming tables, bartender, security at the door and kitchen, we had about 85 people here. Every guest came in a costume, and they were incredible! Such fantastic imaginations!

Rather than try to cram all of the pictures into one incredibly long blog, I'm going to spread it out over a couple of posts, and a couple of stages.

Tonight I'll share some of the decorations...since we couldn't find too many to fit our theme, we had to make a lot of the props ourselves. You just don't find things at "Party City" that fit into a Hollyweird / A-ca-dead-a-me Awards theme. Thank goodness we have an incredible group of friends that helps us come up with ideas, sets, construction, party prep, and cleanup. There is absolutely no way we could pull off these parties without their help. There aren't many people that you can count on like this group. Shirley, Ed, Lisa, Berenice, Dion, we'd be lost without you!!

OK, so here goes...the first of the pictures...

The Deocrations....