Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Second Full Day-part 2-Road Trip Games

Before this trip, we hadn't ever been on a road trip this long. I tried to come up with a couple of games that we could play together as a family to help pass a little time. Currently we are playing two games.

The first one is the "license plate" game. I printed out a list of all of the states and we are keeping track of each time we see a license plate from a state we hadn't seen before. When we see one from a state we cross that off our list. Between yesterday and today, we've already seen plates from 37 states, and 4 Canadian provinces! We even saw a plate from Hawaii while we were in Kansas today- talk about random!

The second game we are playing is called "our digital safari" this one is all about taking of pictures of animals we see along the way. Each animal only counts once-if you take a picture of one cow, no need to take a picture of another.

So far we've seen pretty "normal" animals, Shirley and Ed's cat, Bear, some horses, cows, sheep, etc...and up until this afternoon I hadn't gotten any noteworthy pictures...that was until Hubby spotted these fellows for me!

Needless to say, I was pretty tickled to see these American Buffalo (or as AJ insists "they are BISON Mom!")

Anywhooo...We are now in Missouri, and almost ready to stop for the night in Columbia. Another long day of driving is nearly done, and the best news is that we only have about 350 miles left to drive tomorrow!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad as we are getting off the freeway in Columbia, Missouri to rest for the evening.


Kim Cristarella said...

I like your animal game, we play a similar one we like to call, "Name that road kill". The two that stand out were a peacock (on the 67 in San Diego) and a cow (on the 40 in Arizona, about 15-20 miles from the New Mexico border). But we have seen quite a variety of live animals addition to the "typical" animals you expect to see, we've seen wild turkey, beaver, turtles, elk, chipmunks, ostriches, and we had a ground hog circle our car while we were stopped at a red light. We're pretty sure we saw a mountain lion on the 17 in Arizona. Road trips are the so much fun.

Becky Reimnitz said...

We play road kill bingo too, last road trip we saw a road kill goat.

Sue said...

We've probably seen 25 dead raccoons so far...that's actually been kind of sad. Lots of possums too- yuck!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Hi Sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I miss you pretty lady. :-( I was thinking of you on Monday, so glad you made it off ok. Please let Bear know that we are available to help with the doggies if she needs it, not a problem!

What did I tell you about Kansas.....looooooooooooooooooong, flat state. I love how prepared you are for trips. Games, maps, books, so neat!

Can't wait to hear the fun stories. Give AJ a sloppy wet kiss for me before you leave, make sure he blushes LOL!

Chris H said...

Wow you are making good time on this road trip!
I would love to see your trip marked on a map of the USA so I can see where you started, where you went and where you ended up!