Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Date Night" with AJ

Tuesday night, I treated AJ to a "Mom and Son" date night. The rest of the family is spread far and wide right now - Bear is in Montana, Hubby is traveling to Minnesota and New Mexico this week, and Pickle was at a youth group bond fire.
AJ and I started off our date with a nice, casual dinner at Sammy's Woodfire pizza. We shared some hummus with spiced Kobe beef, and a BBQ chicken pizza. Delish!
After dinner we went to check out a new theater in town - Cinepolis. Talk about cool! They gutted an older theater, and made it into a new "luxury" theater, complete with leather recliners, reserved seating, wait service, a full bar, and some awesome food.
Aside from the normal theater fare of popcorn, soda and candy, they offer sushi, gourmet salads, wraps, panninis, etc., and one heck of a dessert menu. We ordered a medium diet coke, a large popcorn, and a piece of chocolate thunder cake to split. Everything was really good.
Now granted, this place is NOT cheap, and wouldn't be conducive to a large family out for a Sunday matinee - tickets vary in price per movie....we saw "Cowboys and Aliens" and our tickets were $19.50 each. BUT, if you are looking for something a little different to do, have a couple of bucks to spend, and want to thoroughly enjoy a movie experience, give it a try. We did, and we loved it.
Dinner before the movie = $38.00
Movie tickets = $39.00
Movie snacks = $22.50
Making memories with my boy = priceless.

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