Sunday, August 14, 2011

More From the Big Move

As promised, here is a little more from the move yesterday.

AJ's move in time was from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Basically all that meant was that was our time to park right in front of the dorm and unload. After we were unloaded, we needed to move the car and give others our spot, then we were free to spend as long as we wanted to unpacking and setting things up.

This was what it looked like when we arrived at the dorm. The line moved quickly, and we had lots of student volunteers helping unload the car and move the stuff to AJ's 4th floor room.

AJ was happy- even in his empty room.

This is his view, not shabby!

Standing at the window, looking towards the hallway, this is how it looked.

Our first chore was to set up the loft beds. We decided to set up his room mate's bed too, to help get it out of the way, and make room for the futon. It took us a little extra time, but was well worth it. His room mate didn't move in until this afternoon, so it would have been a pain for us to work around.

Loft beds done, and area rug down- onward!

Ah, here comes all the "stuff"

This little golf cart cracked us up. It was decorated to be the "Mayflower" as in "Mayflower Van lines."

AJ needed a break, and of course he needed to be SURE that the TV and his video games were working properly. A couple of "guitar hero" songs later, and he was sure it was ok.

Of course the rest of the family had to check it out too!

Pickle helped me make the bed and get it up on the rack. Then she climbed up to be sure the fan was aimed correctly. Ha ha!

The boys got AJ's new wireless router and video cam set up - he needs to be able to chat live with me online once I get home!

We were greeted Indiana style, with a fast moving thunder storm that swept across the state. It was crazy- we had incredible wind, rain, and hail! We don't see much of that in San Diego! This same storm caused the main stage at the Indianapolis State Fair to collapse, killing four people and injuring at least 30 others. It was very tragic and they kept playing video footage of it over and over again.

After ANOTHER trip to the store for a few more things AJ needed, we were finally done!

Hubby and I sat for a few minutes, reflected on the day, and enjoyed AJ's excitement.

It was a hard, but good day - and I am glad I got thru it with only getting misty once...but the hardest part of the trip was still to come.

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