Saturday, August 13, 2011

Move In Day- part 2, It's Done

It' nearly 1am here, and we just got back to our hotel a little while ago. Hubby and I spent a little time planning out our route to head home tomorrow (it will be different than our route here-we will be taking a more southern route home) and we are both pretty exhausted.

I'll show more pics tomorrow, and tell you how the day went (overall it was very smooth) but for now, I figured a "before" and "after" picture would suffice.

The dorm room as it was when we arrived

and as it looked when we left AJ (and Pickle) to sleep there tonight


It may not be perfect, but it's home for AJ for a while, and he seems happy.

A Mom can't ask for more than that...

-Posted using BlogPress from my iPad, as I sit in our hotel room, thinking about my son, and dreading our goodbye tomorrow.


Sam said...

Nice job - raising the beds gave them so much more room!


Travel girl said...

That looks awesome. You guys did GREAT! He will be happy in his new digs! Drive back safe. I am thinking about you and hoping you have not gone through to much kleenex.

Love Lisa