Saturday, August 13, 2011

Move In Day - part 1

Well, here it is, the day AJ has been waiting a long time for. We get to move him into his dorm today. Purdue sounds like it's pretty organized with the whole move in process- I mean they have done this once or twice.

We have a specific time to be at the dorm with the car, our time is 10:30am to 12:30pm. From what I understand, there will be students there to help us unload. I'm thinking that that is a good thing, considering THIS is what the car looked like after a day of shopping yesterday. (the Zebra print bag is NOT AJ's!)

We were able to find the last few things we needed- and AJ was happy. We'd been looking for an area rug that he liked. Of course he LOVED this one-

but it was very expensive, and a "special order" item only. After a LOT of looking, he found one to his liking-and was happy to grab it and finally be done shopping!

We wound up the night with a stop at Triple XXX on Chaucy Hill, a typical college dive, with great greasy burgers and even better root beer.

I'm going to get the rest of the family rolling now- we'll grab some breakfast, and head over to the campus.

I hope I have the strength to get thru today without tears- I'll shed enough of those tomorrow. I'll keep you posted....

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Chris H said...

I hope he settles in easily, and it's not too hard on YOU.