Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our First Full Day-part 2

We drove in four states today- count 'um, FOUR! We started off in Las Vegas, Nevada, rolled through the upper corner of Arizona, cruised all the way across Utah, in rolled into Denver, Colorado about 14 hours after we started off this morning. We traveled exactly 808 miles, that's an average of about 57 miles an hour...which may not sound very fast, but when you consider we made a nearly 2 hour detour through Zion National Park, stopped twice for gas, stopped for lunch, potty breaks, and several times for photo opps and to stretch our legs, I'd say we did pretty good!

I took a TON of pictures today, and I'd like to share lots of them with you, but I'll settle for just a few of them right now as it's getting pretty late, and the road will be calling me early again in the morning.

By the way- if you keeping up with my blog (and I know a lot of you are - I've had 145 page views today, and over 530 so far this week...) and you are enjoying it, please feel free to leave a comment. For those of you that do on a regular basis, and you know who you are, Kks, CR, CH, TG, etc., thank you very much, they are always appreciated!!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad as I'm sitting in my hotel room in Aurora, Colorado, and everyone else is asleep. Goodnight!


kks said...

Love the blogs on the road! Safe travels!

Shelly Carter said...

feeling like I'm on your road trip with you love the posts.

Chris H said...

Wow, totally gorgeous scenery! Keep the photos coming.