Monday, April 11, 2011

WHOOSH went the weekend - again!

It was an eventful one...on Thursday evening we made it official with AJ and decided that Purdue University was the best choice for him this coming fall. He will be a Purdue "Boilermaker" - and while he was elated, I am was a basket case. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a fantastic university, and an incredible, once in a life time opportunity, I just wish it was closer.

Purdue is in West Lafayette, Indiana, which is 2120 miles from San Diego, (not that I've already map-quested it or anything...) Anyway...Friday was a typical run-around day...VA therapy visit, a meeting with a customer in the morning, a Costco run, and dinner with friends in the evening. I manage to get through dinner with only a few tears, but my Kleenex was handy all night. I have a feeling that the cocktail (and I only have them very rarely) helped.

Saturday was a blur-we started off the morning by sending in deposits to Purdue, signing up AJ for his Freshman orientation, making reservations for his "STAR" day- summer transition and registration. I also did another therapy visit, but this time I only observed. We have new teams joining my chapter of Love on a Leash all of the time, and I supervise their first ten one hour visits. On this particular visit we had three teams...a "small, medium and large" combo. They were all a big hit. The small pup was a 5 year old 1 1/2lb. teacup Yorkie, the medium was a reddish 3 year old lab, and the large was a 100lb. Sheppard. What a great mix! The folks we visited LOVED them all! Saturday afternoon I worked a party, and we finished up the day with a great family celebration dinner for AJ at Shogun Kobe. What a treat! Sunday was a dog day - at least in the morning. We got together with about 60 of our Golden friends and hit Del Mar beach.

The dogs were THRILLED! It'd been a while since we'd been to the beach and they were in heaven.

The beach was followed up by another dinner with friends and a little time at a casino. (I'm in training for Vegas you know....)

It was a great weekend, but it went by in a wink!


Sam said...

Congratulations on Purdue! We know how you feel, my niece wants to go to school in Maine!

P.S. - we need a weekend that lasts a month, and even then it might not be long enough!


Meeka said...

AJ is off to college? Congrats to you all.
We'll miss seeing him at the meetups.
Meeka's mom