Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a Wonder I'm Not a Size 2!

With all of the "help" I am offered around here with my meals, it's truly a wonder I am not stick thin!

Valerie was kind enough to deliver lunch to me yesterday (I haven't been up to doing too much lately with my sore mouth and all) and boy, oh boy, did I have some interested bystanders! "Wings and Things" were just what the doctor ordered...mild strips, a couple of bread sticks, and some veggies. YUM!The pups were determined to "help" me - they are obviously concerned about my weight and want me to stay on the straight and narrow with my diet....yeah, right, they just wanted the darn bread sticks! (I'll never tell if they actually got anything from me or not...but could you say no to faces like that??)

Oh! Remember my special requests from the other day? I wanted flowers, and chocolates and ice cream, etc.? Well, I have to say, I did pretty good thank you very much! Big thanks to Lisa for my flowers. Valerie for my chocolates...and lunch!And Hubby and the kids for my ice cream-actually fro-yo with all the fixins. I'm still waiting on Brad to show up and give me that foot rub I've been waiting on, but obviously, he's got worse "directional skills" than I do.

I'll just keep telling myself he's lost, and hope he finds his way here one of these days.

My mouth is still hurting like heck, and I've come to realize (on a Saturday morning of course, when no one is actually at the dentist/oral surgeon's office to help) that I have "dry socket." I don't know if you've ever had to deal with this fun little complication of oral surgery before or not, but let me tell you, it sucks, plain and simple. I've been up "googling" it all morning and I've got every symptom. Hurray for me! The best thing I can find to do is to put clove oil on it, so Hubby is at a health food store right now picking some up. I do hope it works.

I just don't think there is enough Malibu Rum in the world, even in IV form, to knock this pain out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


kks said...

i know what your going through...hubby had dry socket for a couple weeks....he survived!
get well soon!

Joey and Kealani said...

LOL I just love you!!!! I hope youre feeling better! Was that Brads car I saw in your driveway yesterday? You shouldve called me!!!!! LOL Hugs, Valerie

Chris H said...

I'm so glad you got the flowers, chocolate and lunch... sad about Brad..... but I reckon he's on his way HERE... which is a bit further away. which explains why he's not here yet.... LOL