Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's been a long time since we visited Legoland, and the kids decided it was time, we went! If you've never had the chance to visit, I highly recommend it. It has a little something for everyone. My favorite part of the park is "mini-land" where there are mini replicas of national monuments and landmarks, cities, etc. The detail is incredible, and I love that the architects have a great sense of humor. Here and there you will spot little pieces "adult" humor - for the scene of downtown New York's Time Square, you see police officers speaking to a "woman of the evening..." It's a crack up to look for the little things like that, things the kids would never notice but the parents see and laugh about. It's tough to see here, but there is a large Q-tip sticking out of Washington's ear in this picture. The entire Las Vegas mini-land is new since we were here last. I was tickled to see the Venetian here-it's the hotel we'll be staying in at the end of the month. I sent this picture to my boss! The fountains work, and they even have live, mini palm trees. The attention to detail is simply spectacular!

The New York skyline was impressive.

Hollywood/Legoland style.
The streets of San Francisco.
Pickle found a new boyfriend....
...or two.
The Washington DC display was fantastic!
Ah, the Padre's Friar! Let's go Padres, let's go!
They have a new Egyptian area too. I wanted to bring some of this stuff home for my Halloween party!
We brought our dear friend Suzie along with us. Suzie was Pickle's first grade teacher and we have kept in touch ever since!
Arh, a pirate's feast!

A full sized Lego Volvo.
Hamming it up!

AJ being goofy.
One of these boys is not like the others.
Apparently Elvis is still around.
These two were lounging around one of the Las Vegas pools. Notice the hand placement. Nice.


Travel girl said...

How fun. Looks like you and the kids are having a very fun filled spring break. All the pictures of Pickle are awesome. Sheis the perfect model Love the spiderman picture. Too cute. Do you think we can make an Egyptian out of Legos that was cool!

April said...

Pickle's hair is AMAZING. LOVE IT! And Bear is gorgeous. She should be a model. Dang Sue, three kids and not one ugly one. We are lucky mama's! :)