Friday, April 15, 2011

The Boy WON'T Starve

One of AJ biggest concerns in life, it seems, is what is he going to eat next! Ha ha! The first question he has when he gets home from school is always, "What's the plan for dinner?"

On weekends, it goes from "What are we doing for breakfast" straight to "what do you have in mind for lunch...." to, you guessed it.... "what are we doing for dinner?" It's the never ending story with that boy!

So, naturally, with him having decided on going to Purdue, one of the chief concerns is "What do they have to eat?" Come to find out, they have extensive (somewhat expensive) meal plans for all sorts of eaters.

We settled on a plan yesterday that will cover his first semester - he gets 15 swipes of his meal card per week, and it's going to cost us...are you ready? $5185. for one semester! That boy better eat, and eat good!


alisa said...

have you printed a will work for food sign yet, or tutor for food.

Sam said...

That sounds like it might be more than the tuition! Yikes!


Samantha said...

OM Yikes!!! Our oldest g-daughter is goin' to the Ducks and we're already freaked by this news - ugh! And BTW, if you wanna contact Liane, make sure that you order the bears with German glass eyes and not the plastic ones hee hee!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie

kks said...

for 1 semester?! wow, he better be eating good!!! not the eating plan i had in college....

Chris H said...

I thought our grocery bill was bad.
AJ better appreciate every single SWIPE on that card!!!
AND come home FAT.