Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Guess what I'm dealing with today.

10:15am -oral surgery to remove a molar with a bad abscess on the roots, that has gotten down to the bone. This stupid molar already had a root canal done on it years ago, but apparently that dentist didn't do a good enough job, and now I have to have it yanked. I should have had it yanked way back then.

I hate going to the dentist.

I like the oral surgeon. He makes me sleepy and yanks the stupid thing.

I expect flowers and a frappe (mocha, not caramel) to be waiting for me upon my arrival home. Chocolates would be nice too...but no nuts, thank you very much. Oh, and a nice card...and maybe Brad Pitt someone to rub my feet....not that my feet will be sore, but it just sounds nice, some ice cream (and not that freeze burnt chocolate malted crunch stuff that's in the freezer that I don't like!)... and maybe some home made chicken noodle soup...and...and...and...

Hey a girl can hope, can't she?

1 comment:

Chris H said...

I hate dentists too.
You poor thing, I hope you do get spoilt when you get home! Ice cream sounds nice....and the foot massage! lol
Brad Pitt.... *drool*