Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Morning Monday...

Where did my friends Saturday and Sunday go? It seems that I blinked, and they were gone, again. It must be that I'm getting old, but what's new...

Hubby was traveling most of last week, and made it home Friday afternoon. I picked him up at the airport, brought him home, we had a short while to chat, and then I was off to a job. Saturday was chuck full of work for me. I had three separate engagements (I do home party gigs, remember) and I had 3 parties in two completely separate ends of San Diego county. It was lots of driving, but also lots of money, so no complaints. Momma likes the cash!

I had full intentions of coming home after the last party on Saturday and writing a bit, but I was out of steam. Empty of energy...completely kaput.

Yesterday was pretty much the same. I had a party scheduled from 12:30 to 4pm. I was expecting to see quite a few people, and I was not disappointed! I wound up seeing more than expected, and actually stayed until 6pm. I was training a new employee which took a little extra time as well, and when all was said and done, my day wasn't really done until about 10:30pm. Again, no complaints though, I made more in a weekend than I used to make working a week fulltime!

Today I'll play catch up. Catching up on email, and writing out bills (money in one hand, out the other!) playing with the pups, visiting with the Vets at the VA for our regular Monday therapy visit, etc. Tomorrow is another fun day with the kids. We'll be hitting Legoland. We haven't been there in years.

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Sam said...

Mom's Saturday and Sunday went by so fast she needed all of today to make up for it! We hope you have a great day!