Monday, April 18, 2011

Flat Stanley Came for a Visit!

We had a little visitor stop by this was none other than Flat Stanley! This particular incarnation of Flat Stanley originated in Michigan, and visited Connecticut, Thailand, Germany and New Mexico (among other places) before arriving here in Sunny San Diego. We took our little house guest on a whirlwind tour of the sites of San Diego, and crammed as much site seeing in as we could in the short time we had with him.

We started off down at the beach. La Jolla Cove and the Children's Pool to be exact. Stanley loved the smell of the salty water and the sounds of the seagulls cawing as they flew overhead. It was really cool when a couple of young seals stopped by to say hi to Stanley too. Now that's some San Diego hospitality!
He wasn't too sure about being buried in the sand at first, but he decided it wasn't too bad after all.
The view looking back towards La Jolla Shores was beautiful. There were several groups of kayakers out taking in the sites of the cove too.
Stanley thought about trying his luck at cliff diving, but decided against it.
From the beach, we headed to Presidio Park. He enjoyed seeing the old mission.

After the mission we headed towards downtown, and stopped at the USS Midway museum. There are lots of cool statues in the area honoring the military, like this one.

Spotting Stanley in this picture is a little like playing "Where's Waldo?"

We tried to catch a Padre game, but didn't have any luck. We had the stadium all to ourselves!

After the stadium it was off to the world famous San Diego Zoo. Do you see Stanley hiding again?
Stanley was getting tired of walking, so he tried to catch a ride on this goat. The goat wasn't too thrilled, and tried to nibble on Stanley instead. We rescued Stanley just before he became the goat's lunch. Apparently Stanley likes to play hide and seek...he took off for a few minutes on his own, and we found him in this group of "wild" animals. Thank goodness none of them were hungry!

He certainly seemed to enjoy the zoo!
We had a much more relaxed day on Sunday, and spent the day soaking up the sun, and playing in the pool.
Stanley is a pretty good swimmer, and didn't mind getting wet...but he wasn't very good about throwing the ball for the dogs. After a couple of busy days, Stanley was happy to get some good rest with a warm, furry friend.


Joey and Kealani said...

Oh what a wonderful story!!! I love it!!! Where does he go next? Hugs, Valerie

Chris H said...

Wow he sure got around! I hope his next destination is as nice.