Friday, April 8, 2011

It's an honor to be nominated!

Kona and I have been nominated for an award! How cool is that? We were nominated for the 2011 Planetree Therapy Animal of the Year award at the VA. There was an essay written about us and everything! Check this out-(I've removed some of the names for privacy reasons.)

When you see him, he greets you with a smile and is always happy to see you. No matter how bad you feel or if it's your best or your worst day. Good looking with his cream - colored complexion and gentle mannerisms, he is there to comfort you. Sound like the perfect man? How about the perfect "man's best friend".

Kona is my nomination for the Therapy Animal Award. Kona provides canine care to many of our hospital wards, including Spinal Cord Injury Service (SCI), 4th Floor Hospice, Alcohol Drug Treatment Program (ADTP) and Psychiatry, to name a few.

Kona's handler, Sue S., a Navy and retired Air Force veteran's daughter, came to our facility 2 ½ years ago with Kona to join our Love on a Leash (LOL) Pet Therapy group as a trainee. Since that time she has taken over the VA San Diego program as the lead Pet Therapy handler, coordinating the LOL team on Mondays and Fridays. LOL provides Pet Therapy to SCI, Rehab Medicine Recreation Therapy Craft Clinic, and the hospital clinical waiting rooms on the first floor.

Sue was later approached by William M. to trial visiting Hospice patients on the 4th floor. She quickly agreed, although she was not sure how Kona would respond to this population. During the first visit Kona shined - providing canine warmth and caring that no human could offer. Kona and Sue now have added both ADTP and Psychiatry to their visits and the response has been just as positive.

Sue and Kona's dedication is now recognized through LOL as Sue was selected for the position of President for the LOL San Diego Central Chapter. Her duties as President are to coordinate city-wide visits to facilities in need of canine healing. I believe Kona and Sue best represent the Planetree commitment to offer Patient Centered Care to our ill, injured and wounded soldiers.

Thank you Kelli, for your glowing essay about us both. Our paws and fingers are crossed- and whether we win or not, it is truly an honor to be nominated!


kks said...

How wonderful! You and Kona deserve this nomination!

Berts Blog said...

wow congrats on the nomination. If I could vote, I'd vote for you.

Sam said...

That is big news indeed! Congratulations!


Lurline said...

So cool!!! Congratulations, Sue!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Chris H said...

That is so neat... I am sure you and Kona deserve to win this award! You two ROCK....{{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

Finally someone else see's what we all see. You deserve that award. You are one hell of a woman and such and incredible role model. God had a great day when he made you. :)

Samantha said...

Huge Congrats Sue and Kona! What awesomeness, but we know you deserve it! You are one/two of the hardest volunteer workers on the planet - kudos to you! Wishing we could somehow vote and ensure that you WIN!!!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie, Avalon, Oz and Miche

Sue said...

Thank you all very much - I'll let you know the results when I get them.

By the way, thank you "anonymous." I don't know who you are, but I sure appreciate your comment!

Meeka said...

That's so cool! Keeping my paws crossed that you and Kona take home the award.

Joey and Kealani said...

Oh we have our paws crossed for you friend!!! Valerie