Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Decorations

Here are a few more of the party decorations...(the movie Marquee is rated "R" - so pass by that one quick if you are easily offended...)

The "Birds" scene on our spa...
Yum, a tasty treat!

The frig...
Plates, utensils, etc.
Ah, yes, the bathroom...
Shower scene from Psycho reenacted. The knife wielding arm moved and everything, and of course we had the Psycho theme playing too.
The skeleton paparazzi with flashing cameras
The hallway to the bathroom was lined in creepy posters
The spider den in the living room, complete with strobe and spinning "cocoon" man.
Our personalized movie marquee (a bit raunchy, but all in good fun)
A guest from last year that showed up without a costume.
Our version of Marilyn Monroe, and yes, her dress was flying in the wind with the aid of a fan underneath her.
The lovely "twins" at the end of the hallway.


April said...

Sue!! I love the psycho shower!! And the Marquee was HILARIOUS!! You crack me up!! I'm inviting myself for next year. We can make Creative Type Dad's black martini's!!

Bogart in P Towne said... are not messing around!

Chris H said...

How many people go to sooooo much trouble for Halloween? YOu deserve an award for yours!

Valerie said...

Fantastic! The details you have put into the party are wonderful.