Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas at Home Depot

I strolled into Home Depot earlier today, and was unpleasantly surprised by what I saw. They have thier whole Christmas display lit up and ready for people to swoop in and grab to take home and get set up for the Holidays. Gimme a break! It was one thing to see a couple of random decorations in Costco not long ago, (you'll all remember the Santa in Drag, no doubt) but a whole little "winter" scene? Rows and rows of artificial Christmas trees? Isn't it just a bit early? Shouldn't they wait until after Thanksgiving, or a the very least, after Halloween? Don't they know that we are having terrible Santa Ana winds and a good portion of Southern California is suffering from wildfires right now?

...And yet, there it is, the fake little tree, the fake little fireplace and the fake little blanket of snow...in the middle of October...I guess I just don't get it. (Although, I will have to admit, I was listening to a Paul Potts CD the other day, and the bonus track was Silent Night, and I was singing along, while I was working on my Halloween Party planning...does that make me nuts? Probably...at least I wasn't subjecting my neighbors to the Christmas music....then I would be as bad as Home Depot, aka Evil Orange...)

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creative-type dad said...

That's scary.

I bet they'll have Easter stuff up by Thanksgiving.