Friday, October 31, 2008

The Guests - part 1

I'll split the pictures of the guest up into at least two posts, since I have so many pictures to share. I'm also waiting on some pictures from other people to see who I missed taking pictures of. I started out the evening great by taking pictures of people as they walked in, but with over 80 people coming in, I was quickly distracted and I know I missed quite a few.

So we'll start with these few...WARNING-some of these pictures might be considered offensive (I hope not, but you never know) and a bit raunchy. I hope not to offend anyone.

Here they are, the first batch, in no particular order (because blogger is driving me nuts): James Dean, Cecil B. DeMille, Moses, Anna Nicole, Princess Grace (after the crash) Bettle Juice (winner of best costume-male) Cleopatra, Mrs. Robinson, Pamela Anderson, OJ Simpson, Nicole Simpson, Superman, Aunt Ester (winner of most "authentic"), the 3 Stooges, Natalie Wood & another James Dean, Elvis & his Geisha girlfriend, Cleopatra, Johnny Cash, The Hollyweird Police, Grace Kelly, Betty Boop & Jessica Rabbit, the Blues Brothers, and Phyllis Diller...


April said...

Princess Grace was HILARIOUS!! But Pamela Anderson had me falling out of my chair. Thanks for the pics Sue! You just made my day!!

Chris H said...

Hee hee, I see your guests went to as much effort as you! Awesome.