Sunday, November 16, 2008

That'a Boy!

Busy weekend, but no energy to blog much right now, and I've got to throw something together for dinner or the poor starving beings, known as my teenagers, may self implode and blow away like dust in the wind...

But, I did want to share a couple of my new favorite pictures from the past week. For Kona's first birthday, Auntie Val gave him a rubber Frisbee (and some yummy bully sticks) He loves trotting around the house with the Frisbee in his mouth, and playing games of "keep-away" with the other dogs. He has no interest in trying to catch the Frisbee though, or for that matter, anything else. He'll retrieve it once it has hit the ground, but hasn't figured out the whole "run, jump, grab it in mid air" thing.

Jack, on the other hand, has. His intensity astounds me. What a good boy!


caboval said...

OMG I love those pictures! I can just imagine Kona prancing around the house with the frisbee in his mouth! Kealani will do that to intice Joey. Its so funny! Joey can catch it but he uses his arms to get the frisbee to his mouth its so cute!

Thor said...

Well done with the frisbee, Jack!
Have a great week!

Love and licks

K and S said...

WOW - GREAT catch, Jack!!! Our kids sure can't do that! You are too cool for school!!!