Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Different Kind of Halloween Party

Today we held our annual Howloween Costume Party for the Pooches for my Golden Retriever Group. It was a blast! We had a great turnout - about 75 members showed up with their dogs, most of them (the dogs)in costume. It was a lot of work (we brought lunch for everyone - fried chicken, several salads, a 3 foot sub sandwich, chips, cookies, soda, water, etc. - all paid for with money from the sale of our T-shirts & caps.) It was totally worth the work though, I think everyone had a great time. We have out prizes for best costumes, played a round of "musical chairs" minus the chairs, (when the music stopped the dogs had to do a "sit-stay") and the dogs "bobbed" for apples and hot dogs - the hot dogs were a huge hit! All in all, it was a ton of fun.

Now, I need a nap. Seriously. I'm pooped!

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Chris and Mackenzie said...

Is there anything you guys (and gals) don't do!

Love the Hawaiian Goldy...too cute!