Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm with the Fam

Admission price to Knott's Berry Farm for a family of 5 (with the Southern California resident discount) : $209.95

Lunch for 5 at Knott's Berry Farm, consisting of semi-luke warm cheese burgers, fries, an order of chicken tenders, one soda, and a couple of milk shakes: $71.00

Price of a Pepsi? $99.95...that's gotta be wrong...

Spending the day with your family at an amusement park with no lines and going on every ride as many times as you want to: priceless.

A gorgeous end to a priceless day.

1 comment:

K and S said...

Holy Cow - that is ONE expensive Pepsi!!!!! :) Love the sign! Hope it's way wrong!!!