Monday, October 15, 2012

Side Show Banners - The Frog Boy

For our Halloween party this year I decided it would be fun to have some side show banners for the "freak show" area of the party.  I looked on line to see what I could find to buy and sure enough there were ideas out there, but Holy Moly, were those things decided to make some of our own. 
I googled some pictures and came across a handful that I thought I'd be able to replicate. I just finished off the last of them and I thought I'd share one of them with you, from start to finish.
This was the first picture I found that I liked.
 I got out my basket of paints...
Took a piece of canvas that my friend Amy had brought over, and penciled on the design and started to paint.
 I've never done a face before, and thank goodness this one is supposed to look like a cartoon!
Finally finished!
 Here it is, compared to the original. I'm pretty happy!

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Chris H said...

Well done! It's awesome and even better than the original!