Saturday, October 20, 2012

Married to a Saint

Sometimes I think I must really be married to a saint. My poor husband puts up with SO much of my craziness - especially at this time of year.

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary, and what have we been doing all day? Relaxing? No. Spending quality time together? No. Enjoying each others company? No.

We've been digging thru boxes in the garage, hanging up skeletons, and fake body parts, and rats, and all sorts of creey stuff.  A delightful way to spend the day indeed! Ha ha! 

So, I wanted to drag myself away from our Hallowen party prep for a few minutes and tell him how much I appreciate his patience with me, and how much I love him.  Not many people would put up with what he does, I know that, and I am thankful.


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