Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2012 - the Decorations part 1

And so it was that the Psycho Circus and CarnEvil of Carnage came to town - for one night only...and my, oh my, what a show it was.

It started months ago with the planning and preparations. Not everything went as planned. We had some grand ideas that, for one reason or another, just didn't pan out.

Take, for instance, our Ferris wheel.
The build was executed to perfection. The ONLY problem was that we couldn't get the motor to go at the speed we needed it to. It went too friggin fast! At this rate it would kill anyone who happened to get too close to it.
Nope, we couldn't let that happen, so after weeks of messing around with it, we decided it was best to make it non-operational. Major bummer - but better than a major lawsuit!

It wound up looking cool in the long run, decorated with the "riders" and some webbing.
We also had a vortex tunnel that was supposed to spin and didn't, and a couple of other minor issues, but all in all, I think that everyone would agree that in the end it came together very nicely.

I'll start off this first post with some daytime pictures of the decorations and then show more from the evening in later posts. Lighting really makes a cool difference.

Starting at the front of the house and working thru the house and into the front yard....here is start of the tour. 

The front yard-
 And into the house we go...more pictures on the next post.

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