Friday, October 19, 2012

55 Years

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad. Today would have been their 55th Wedding anniversary. What a beautiful couple they made.
For their 50th anniversary they treated our entire family to a Hawaiian cruise.  It was the cruise of a lifetime.  The memories from that trip are some of my fondest. 
 Our family of 12 went on the cruise - it was fantastic.
 This has to be one of my favorite pictures of my Dad. We had just arrived in the Honolulu airport and we were all tired. We were waiting for our taxi and I was pushing Pops around in his walker (we'd rented a scooter for him to use on the cruise but hadn't picked it up yet).... he was being goofy, and tweaked his hat and flashed me his version of a gang sign. I don't remember why, I just remember laughing with him.   I miss him so much.
 My Mom and Dad were able to spend 54 years together. The rest of us should be so lucky.
Mom and I will go and visit Fort Roscrans Cemetery today.  We'll bring flowers and an orange. Dad loved both.

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