Monday, June 25, 2012


Almost 3 days and no update! What the heck is going on? Just the usual. Therapy visits, another graduation, and graduation party to attend, a visit to the cemetery, a Broadway show ("Wicked"-it was AWESOME!) a visit to the fair, dinner with Mom, a Halloween planning party (yes, already) another visit to the fair for ideas for the party, playing catch-up on tons of emails (I'm down to only 272 from 428 I started with this morning, whoo-hooo!) a movie with the kids and a couple of other things here and there. That just about sums up my last couple of days. Whew!

We got to see Pickle's bf Josh graduate. It was a wonderful day.
 Hmmm, I bet you can tell what the theme to this year's Halloween party will be.
 Yup, there were just a few other people at the fair. Yikes!

 Wicked was just that - wicked indeed! Wicked fun that is!
 Not a bad movie...some good, no-brainer fun.
 My new boyfriend? Maybe...
Tomorrow I take Pickle to Long Beach for her college orientation.  How did that sneak up on us? We are heading out at the crack of, even earlier than that! Good night, sleep tight my friends, 5:00am will come quickly!

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Chris H said...

Wow you are so busy!
I want to see that new Snow White movie.... wonder if I will?