Monday, June 4, 2012

The New Front Yard-Part 1

We are making some big changes to our front yard.  Not long ago we had a very large hedge down the middle of the pie-shaped yard that we share with our neighbor. It looked like this.

Hubby had planted the hedge several years ago, and it had grown up and really started to take a lot of time and energy to maintain.  Recently he decided he was ready for it to go away. Then it looked like this.
 Then we came up with a plan of what to do in the space... so he started digging holes. Great big 3ft deep holes! The rocks that came out of the holes was unbelievable! No wonder it's pretty tough to get things to grow here!
 He finally finished digging the holes - all 3 of those suckers, and now he is working on leveling out the mounds of dirt in between. Fun stuff. Ha!
By tomorrow at this time, the yard should look dramatically different.  We purchase 4 large boulders that will be brought in by crane tomorrow. (Seriously? Didn't he just dig up boulders?) We'll be putting large palm trees in those massive holes. Over the next week or two he'll be putting in some spot lights on the palms and filling in between everything with sod. I'm really excited to see how it turns out, and of course I'll be sure to update.

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Chris H said...

OK! NOW I know!
I can't wait to see the results.