Saturday, June 30, 2012

Perfect Day for a Parade

Our Golden Group participated in the Oceanside Independence Day Parade today.  It was absolutely a perfect day to go out for a nice walk with a couple of our Golden friends!

The waiting around is always the hard part...the dogs are anxious to start walking. Sometimes you just have to find ways to pass the AJ did here.
 Once again, we had a very nice turnout. We all was said and done, and the last minute folks showed up, I figure we has about 40 members show up.
 Finally, we were on the move.
 Oceanside is a very patriotic town, and their parade it a BIG one!
 Most of the dogs in the group were sporting red, white and blue of some sort.
 The street was lined with several thousand viewers. It was fantastic! They waved and cheered as we walked by.
 Who wouldn't love a big gaggle of Goldens strutting their stuff?
 It's so fun to see the crowd light up when we come by. 
 And, of course one of the best things about walking in a parade is having very pooped pooches afterwards!

**(Thank you anonymous, for proof reading this post and pointing out my error....)


Sam said...

OMD - growing up, we lived in Carlsbad and went to Oceanside quite often! My Dad was stationed/worked at Camp Pendleton. It was great seeing the town - I was little when we were there, but I think I recognized a few things!


Anonymous said...

Strutting not stutting, when you say stutting their stuff.