Monday, June 18, 2012

Graduation Party in Pictures - a Quickie Review

It was a grand day! Lots of "beachy" decorations....

plenty to drink
and of course eat
Mmmmm, Hawaiian BBQ.
Loads of friends...
lots of smiling faces..

a cozy fire to keep us warm and the evening got cool
Pretty girls too!
An attentive audience to watch the slide show
Very attentive!

My pretty girls!
Pickle and her favorite high school teacher.
Pickle and her BF...he's a sweetheart.
Great family and friends!
Awesome neighbors.
Adorable children (my oldest included!)
A special handwritten note from one of the younger guests.

Pickle was tickled about something!
And last (for now)but not least - the wake board was a hit. We had guests sign it and Pickle is taking it to college with her to hang in her dorm room. Cool!

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