Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's a Miner 49er

It's official, Pickle has decided which college she will be attending this fall. After many long months of deliberation, she has decided on California State University at Long Beach. I am happy with her choice for several reasons. First of all, it has both of the majors she is interested in -- which are Criminal Justice and Forensic Pathology. (You go Girl!) I am also happy because it is only 93 miles from home. That sure beats the 2135 miles away that Purdue (ah-hemmm, AJ!) is.

Pickle will still get the full college experience of living in a dorm away from home, but is only a short hour and a half away by car. I must admit, I do find myself breathing a sigh of relief knowing that she won't be terribly far away.

We took a drive up today to get a good look at the campus, and it was as beautiful as I'd remembered seeing it several months ago.
Pickle looks happy, doesn't she?

I was surprised at how much greenery there was on campus.

The dorms look like typical dorms...
This is the performing arts center.

I am confident that this is a good choice for Pickle and that she will be happy here. She is ready for the next chapter in her life...I'm just not sure I am! She's my baby!

My oh my, when did I get this old?

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Chris H said...

The Uni looks lovely, and how neat she won't be too far away.