Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

I'm hoping that you all had a wonderful Easter, spent with your friends and family. We went out for a very nice Easter Brunch, courtesy of my Mom. We went to the same place we have gone several times in the past, a lovely restaurant in Carlsbad call "The Ocean House." Long ago it was called "Neimans" and before that it was "The Twins Inn." Over the years the name has changed, but the food is always the same -- great!

I have to admit, it was tough being there this year. Last year when we were there we had AJ with us, my brother and most of his family with us, and of course my Dad. This year there were 6 of us, my Mom, me, hubby, Pickle, Bear and Bear's Boyfriend. It was still wonderful, don't get me wrong, but the day has had a tinge of melancholy to it. I was thinking of my brother and his family, I was missing my Dad terribly, and of course with AJ in Indiana this was our first Easter apart - it was tough. (Yes, the Easter Bunny did ship him a basket!)

After way too much food not overdoing it at the buffet, we took the beach route home, and stopped here and there to enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze. It was a bit hazy, but still a very nice day.

Mark this day in history. I am wearing a dress! Goodness - don't look at the lily white legs! Yikes!

This picture got to me a bit. It's just a quick shot of Mom, taking a few minutes to reflect. For some reason this picture makes me sad way down deep...

Ah, this one is much better...a smile on her face as she poses with Bear.

Once we got home, we decided that it would be nice to let the pups swim a bit. The pool water temp was 75F which was a bit too chilly for us, but the pups LOVED it! We even let Jill swim, and considering she is going in for her toe amputation tomorrow morning, it will probably be the last time she is able to swim for at least several weeks. They all thoroughly enjoyed it, splished and splashed and wore themselves out.

I adore this picture of Harley. Freshly groomed, the look on her face is sheer bliss. This girl LOVES the pool!

When we gave Jill a bath after the pool she was so tired she could hardly move. She is such a sweet old gal!

I am praying that things go good with her toe tomorrow, and that they can get all of the cancer and we can be done with this soon! Her toe doesn't look bad, and it seems crazy that tomorrow it will be gone. Please keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well. Some good news is over due around here.

I'll finish this off with an adorable picture my friend Judy took of her pups, Rina and Surf Dog Ricochet. Judy has the cutest ideas when it comes to dressing them up for special occasions. I wanted to share this picture she took because I know there is NO WAY I could come up with anything even close to this cute!

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Curt Rogers said...


The picture of your mother is simply remarkable. She is surrounded by so much beauty and despite the thoughtful and faraway look on her face I know it's not lost on her.

I have a similar picture of my grandfather on his last Thanksgiving. He is looking out the window at the town he'd been the mayor of all my life. He did not speak, partly because his thoughts were confused, but I know he was content in his own way, proud of the work he'd done, happy with the long life he'd lived. It used to make me sad but now I see it and it brings me peace and happiness with the memory of the man he was.

I hope some day you're able to see that in the picture of your mother. It's beautiful and your heart was open to that moment.

Blessing to you this Easter Sunday. Blessings and peace.