Saturday, April 28, 2012

What a Crew!

Kona and I had done quite a few visits this week already, so when Friday rolled around and it was time to go to the VA, I decided to leave him home so I could go to supervise a team in training.  The patients had plenty of four legged friends to visit with them though, and there was no lack of furry TLC being spread. 
Visiting on Friday from left to right we had Jenny the Greyhound, Bunny a Lab mix, Happy the Golden Retriever, Cabo, another Lab mix, and "Baby" Jake, a Bull Mastiff -- all of them, of course, leading their 2 legged partners around.

I am so proud of these and ALL of the members of my Love on a Leash Chapter! They are wonderful individuals who give selflessly of their time and energy to give comfort to others. I am truly blessed to have these folks in my life.   

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kks said...

what a beautiful crew! I bet the Mastiff gives nice wet kisses! :)