Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half Moon Cay

I tried to post this the other day, from the ship, and didn't have any I'll try again.

It's late here - just past 1:00am, and I'm pooped! We just got back to our room after a great day., in just a few words, and a few pictures, is a summary of our day.

Long wait for our tender into Half Moon Cay due to strong winds and currents.

Snorkeling excursion (underwater pictures to come once I get home and can upload them)

Fantastic afternoon on the beach

Towards the end of the afternoon we had the place to ourselves...seriously!

This is me and AJ-notice the ship in the background?

Cool bar on the island!

Much needed nap.

Another great dinner

Dancing with the staff after dinner.

Our friend John, from PA, forgot the importance of reapplying sunscreen. Ouch! He sat in a lounge chair, which must have soaked the sunscreen off his back, then he snoozed on a raft in the water.

Enjoyed watching our new friends sing "Friends in Low Places" - do you suppose they were talking about us?

Tomorrow (or should I say later today) we will be going to Nassau, Bahamas, which is our last stop. We are planning on another long full, fun day. I'll update soon!

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