Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Second Formal Night of Fun!

Our second formal night of the cruise was Thursday evening, after we pulled out of Nassau. We got all gussied up and had some more formal pictures taken, much to AJ's chagrin. He was a good sport in the long run, and posed with his sweet smile for as many pictures as he could possibly bear, but I think if he'd have seen my camera come out one more time, he may have jumped overboard!

Needless to say, I was very pleased with how some of them came out, and we wound up spending WAY too much money in the photo gallery. I kept justifying each purchase with the statement, "who knows when we'll have the chance to do this again..." especially with AJ going off to Purdue in a month. (Geez, I don't want to even think about it being that soon!) Anyway, I'll scan some of the "real" formal pics when we get home to share with you, but for now, you can take a look at these.

The food on formal night is always fabulous too... We enjoyed escargot, chataubriand (I know I'm spelling THAT wrong!) and more awesome desserts!

This doesn't look like much but it was a great raspberry souffle served with warm vanilla sauce. YUM!

After dinner was done, it was time to change into our comfy clothes, and go have some more fun. We met up with our PA table mates and had a blast watching everyone karaoke again. While I don't particularly like to sing in front of others, unless it's in my own home, and even then it's usually only during my Halloween party...I thoroughly enjoy watching others partake.

Pickle got up there, after a bit of nudging, and had a great time. John, Meagan and Josh, from PA, seemed to create a party wherever they went, and they made for some great company and lots of laughs. I've got a few performances on video I'll upload when I get home. (here you can see Pickle standing next to the tall guy in the "Baby Carlos" shirt. That's Josh, and he was a real hoot on this trip. Just to the left of Pickle you can barely see Meagan, and next to her, in the middle of the picture, is John. The PA family was on the cruise to celebrate John's high school graduation - just like us with AJ.

Yes, thats me actually doesn't happen very often, so Bear had to get this picture.

Awe, can't you just see the utter joy on AJ's face? This picture cracked me up!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad as we are flying from Atlanta to Salt Lake...Yup, we are taking the scenic route home-a day later than we'd planned....that story will come soon!

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