Friday, July 1, 2011

Graduation, Family and Fun, part 2

After the graduation ceremony on Saturday, and a wonderful celebration dinner, we were ready to party on Sunday.

The weather was perfect, and there was plenty of food (AJ's favorite Mexican food, of course) and drink to go around. We had a fantastic turnout of over 80 of our closest friends and family, and everyone, both young and young at heart, seemed to enjoy themselves.

Ah, Jack, the man that put the Purdue "bug" in AJ's ear.

I was very happy to have some of my high school friends join us at the party.

Boiler Up!

Yum! (Notice the year?)

Plenty of good food....

and good company!

Bear and a "mini" Boilermaker?

Yup, AJ got some Purdue gear....

Some of my dear friends gave AJ a basket loaded with all kinds of Purdue goodies, and things to help him get through the winter...gloves, a scarf, theraflu, sore throat drops, you name it! What a great idea! He LOVES his new beanie!

The party was topped off with a slide show that AJ and I had been working on for a while. It came out fantastic, if I do say so myself.

And now, my dear blogging buddies, I am on a plane bound for the east coast! I am typing as we fly over Norman, Oklahoma. We should be arriving in Atlanta in about an hour and half, and I will attempt to publish this post. My fingers are crossed. From Atlanta we fly to Charleston, South Carolina, to spend the night before we leave on a Caribbean cruise tomorrow! WE CAN'T WAIT!

The pups are happy, as they have a live-in "sitter" with them. Thank you Joe, from the bottom of our hearts for staying with them for us! Enjoy their company, and don't forget to tell the neighbors about the big rave party you plan on having! Ha!

Hopefully I'll be in touch soon! Bon Voyage!

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