Sunday, July 3, 2011

The First Evening Aboard - Saturday, July 2, 2011

We set sail Saturday promptly at 4:30pm, and instantly started to relax. We got settled into our rooms, explored the ship a bit, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. For our dinners we are seated with another family of 5, who are from Pennsylvania. They have children nearly the same ages as ours, and we had a fun, lively conversation.

Mom, I though of you when I had this shrimp cocktail...

...and also this chocolate lava cake. It was nearly as good as Morton's!

I started off the morning by getting up at 5:30am, and while the rest of the family (and 99% of the other passengers) slept, i was treated to a gorgeous sunrise. Once everyone else in the family got rolling we started off the day with each us enjoying a massage and facial. Talk about a fantastic way to kick off a vacation! We spent the day lounging, eating, swimming, napping, playing cards, and making new friends. Life is good!

We are in our cabins now and getting ready for our first formal dinner of the trip. Everyone else is nearly turn to get dressed!

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Travel girl said...

You all look so relaxed and happy. Graet formal night pictures. I look at those pictures and I remember when pickle would wear a jacket over everthing. She looks so beacutiful in that white dress.
Happy 4th of July. Have a great trip. I miss you guys!

Love Lisa