Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If it's Tuesday, it Must be Grand Turk!

We've had a little more rain since last night. Ok, maybe it was a more than a little. It POURED all night and into this morning! It really didn't matter much to us though, considering we are on a ship surrounded by water, but by the time we were ready to get off the ship this morning at about 8am, we were hoping for a break in the downpours. We trounced off the ship, snorkel gear, and beach towels in tow. In spite of several more showers that came and went throughout the day, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our adventure in Grand Turk.

We spent a couple of hours snorkeling just off the beach. The water was great and we saw quite a few fish. I got some decent shots with my underwater camera, unfortunately, I didn't remember to bring the adapter for my iPad, so I can't upload them until I get home. Bummer!

We saw a few of our fellow passengers walking around with conch shells they'd found along the beach. We decided to take a break from snorkeling and go for a walk and see if we could find any. AJ found this one, and when he flipped it over to take a closer look, it's resident, Mr. Crab, was none too happy. He gave us all the stink eye until we took his picture, and then left him, and his home, alone.

Not to worry though, a few yards down the way, the beach was littered with literally hundreds of abandon shells. It was just a matter of picking out a couple to bring home. I can honestly say I'd never seen anything like that I'm my life. Of course I've seen sea shells on the beach before, but never like that. They were everywhere!

We weren't sure if we were allowed to bring them back onto the ship with us, but it couldn't hurt to ask. (They didn't mind at all, and now I wished I would have picked up a couple more....but boy oh boy, are they heavy! It will be interesting getting them home!)

We got back on the ship plenty early. We didn't want to get caught up in the crowd. This was the line of folks waiting to board at 1:45pm....our ship was supposed to pull out at 2:00pm! Needless to say, we left a wee bit late...

So long Grand Turk! I hope we meet again soon!

After a bit of lounging around the pool, a shower, a nap, and some cards, it was time for, what else, DINNER! I always enjoy the presentation of the food. The colors, the textures...they all come together in a lovely harmony.

You'll notice I go straight from appetizer to dessert tonight...that's because in our zeal to eat (I had a duet of a petite filet mignon and American short rib confit tonight) I forgot to take a picture of my main course! I will blame this blatant oversight completely on our table partners, the family from Pennsylvania I mentioned a couple of days ago. They have been such a pleasure to talk to that I was distracted with our conversation about our most favorite shore excursions ever etc., and just dove right in. This evening was the first time that I didn't have the chocolate lava cake, and instead had this chocolate, raspberry, vanilla creme cake, served with a raspberry sorbet...that was oh, so yummy!

Our new friend Aubrey, the Dad of the PA family enjoyed this beautiful dessert below-again, the presentation was awesome. I'll send a big shout out to Aubrey, as today was his birthday. (We hope you enjoyed the talent show after dinner, and the bit of cheer we sent over.) By the way- it's too bad your boys weren't in the talent show with their karaoke version of "Boom-Boom Pow!" I'd pay good money to see that again!

After another long, full, fun day, we were greeted by this little towel Elephant. We've had a different towel animal waiting for us in our room each night, but this one by far has been the cutest.

Now that it's nearly 1:30am my time, and I've got to get up in 5 1/2 hours, I should wrap this up. I wonder if the kids are indulging in more room service?

Posted using BlogPress from my iPad as we are headed to Half Moon Cay, in the Caribbean...how cool is that?

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Chris H said...

OMG I love those shells! I can't imagine masses of them just lying all over the beach! they sell for about $45 - $80 here depending on the size!

The food pictures are gorgeous! Presentation is the key of course!

I hope you continue having a blast and keep showing me!