Friday, May 6, 2011

Slacker? Hardly!

Ok, so you've probably noticed that I've been slacking off a little on keeping up with my blog. Hey people, I've been BUSY!

Since coming home from Las Vegas I've been dealing with a nasty cold, and having nearly the whole family sick. On top of that, up until this morning, my computer was taking a siesta. My AOL was on the blink, and my email was out of control.

Kona and I dove right back into therapy visits - 4 visits in 3 days, thank you very much, and I'm back to work at my treasure hunting too. (If you are wondering about that - message me, I'll fill you in.)

(A dog's work is never done!)

When someone took a quick break, Kona jumped right in to help answer the phones.

What a good sport!

Kona and Happy LOVE their job!

Our VA group from today.

I'm looking forward to a visit to the big renaissance fair in LA tomorrow, and I'm just hoping I'm feeling well enough to dress up like the proper wench I know I can be when the occasion calls for it. Wish me well, it's been too long since I've been in a corset!


Berts Blog said...

So good lookin....on the phones or out there serving the public......

Have a good time tomorrow


Sam said...

Mom has days like that - sometimes you just can't visit blogs. Currently her reader has shown 1000+ for 5 days, and it doesn't seem to matter how many she looks at - the number isn't changing!


Harry said...

I love that picture of Kona with the headset, so professional looking. I'd much rather talk to Kona if I have a question than some guy who calls himself Ralph and works in a call center in Bangalore. :)