Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are making progress on the clean up mess. Yay!

All of the fans are finally gone.

The insurance adjuster came and spent nearly 2 hours in the house today, and determined that there was about $4000 worth of damage done. Delightful.

At least the pups don't have to be sequestered from most of the house anymore!

It could have been could have been worse....

Bear got her chipped front tooth fixed today. It looks as perfect as it ever did, thank goodness!

Hubby got home from a short business trip today, and hopefully by tomorrow things will start getting put back in place. With the kids and the dogs, I need my washer and dryer hooked up and ready.

Oh, and lets not forget that we still don't have any hot water! Tomorrow will be day 5 with no water heater. Hopefully that will get fixed soon too! Cold showers suck!


kks said...

Glad everything is getting resolved! Good grief....
Hang in there!

Rory Grant said...

Delighted for you that the fans have gone- but hoping you will have hot water soon! I guess we're lucky here in Australia that all water is at least lukewarm! Even cold water.

Meeka said...

Oh my! At least everything damaged can be fixed.
I've been missing the fun meetups. Hope to get back and running in a couple of months.

Chris H said...

So glad it's almost all fixed.... cold showers!! Hell no, I'd be boiling up a huge pot of water for a sponge bath....! lol