Sunday, May 1, 2011

Having a BLAST!

Just a quick note to say "hi" and tell you all what a blast Hubby and I are having. We are enjoying every minute and the only thing that could make the trip any better would be a great, big, FAT win on a slot machine! So far, that's the only thing eluding us!

The weather has been very nice, and we are planning on spending some time at the pool tomorrow. We have a gorgeous room, compliments of my boss, and we've enjoyed some incredible meals already, and a fabulous show this evening- "Jersey Boys. We got to spend some time today with some of our very best friends, Shirley and Ed, and also my fellow trip winners. It's been a pleasure getting to know them a bit, considering we live in different parts of the country and only knew each other by name before this weekend.

I'll post more pictures when I get home, but here are a couple from the trip so far.

Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow (or rather later today, considering it's nearly 2am now) will be the day either Hubby or I hits something big on a jackpot....that sure would be nice!

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Kelli said...

Good luck...hope you win big!!! Look forward to seeing the pictures. :)

Chris H said...

Oh my your lucky Tart! And yes, I will cross me fingers for a BIG WIN for you.