Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Dog Days of Spring

We've had a very busy weekend, with two major dog events going on. Yesterday was the annual "Pet Day on the Bay" where dog owners and their furry pals enjoy a one hour cruise around San Diego Bay for a small monetary donation and a gently used towel or blanket. The event benefits a large animal center here in S.D. and is always quite popular. In the past we've taken all four dogs, but it does get a little hard to handle them all, especially since I like to float around talking to to members, take pictures, etc. I usually wind up handing the dogs over to Hubby and the kids, so this time I decided it would be an outing for just Harley and I. We had a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This morning we had a "Luratics" meetup. If you aren't familiar with Lure Coursing for your dog, check it out here. Although we figured out that none of our dogs are big "chasers," it was very popular for the majority of the dogs that attended. I took tons of video and even more pictures - here are just a few of my favorites. I'll load video soon.


Berts Blog said...

what a fun fun day. All the dogs look like they are loving it. We need a day like that here. I am gonna get my vickie to check into it.

Thanks for the cool idea.


Chris H said...

Would you believe it! I took one look at the first photo and said to myself "That's Harley" ! How weird that I know all your dogs by sight! lol
I'm glad you had a lovely time.

Inchwormart said...

Great dogs...I stopped by from a profile line we had in common..Survivor. I was so glad Rob Mariano won this time. Happy day to you.