Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Day My Lord!

So much for posting these on Sunday. No excuses other than the normal - I've been swamped! But, at long last, here are some pictures from our adventure at the Renaissance Fair.

We LOVED it!
The Renaissane Fair is for people of all ages....
And it's VERY popular! There were thousands of people there Saturday!
People come up with very inventive costumes!

Bear bought herself a complete new costume.

There are always fun things to buy.

and see.

Men in bloomers? You bet!

Ah, the Queen!

hmmm...interesting...at least they don't poop like real horses!

Bear and I each found a new boyfriend for the day. Ha!

This old timer has been at the fair every time we've been there. He's one of the long time merchants.

It's fun to listen to the various musical groups too.

Blogger is being a bugger, and won't let me post any more pictures - so I'll have to make a second entry. Grrrr.

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