Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Safari

Well, OK, maybe not a real safari, but I did spend a delightful day at the world famous San Diego Zoo today. I took a little break from the Halloween madness that’s been surrounding my brain for the last couple of days, and went out with a photography group that I am a member of to take some animal photos. I had a blast! Of course I still have TONS to learn about my Nikon, but I’m having such a good time just getting out and playing with it. (Have I read the manual? No! I don't need no stinkin manual!)

These are just a few of my favorites from today. I only took a few pictures today...505! Yikes! Out of those, I'm happy to say that I did get, what I thought, some nice shots. Enjoy!


caboval said...

Wow absolutly outstanding girl! I love the butt one!

Hogan Family said...

I would love taking photos all day...what kind of camera do you have?

April said...

That zebra has a nice ass, eh? I ove giraffes. They are so beautiful and graceful. But honestly, I relate more to the hippo. Especially the Disney one, with the tutu. Do you know which one I am talking about? She's a big girl, but she doesn't let that stop her from rocking the tutu. It's all about confidence. Yes. I am the hippo in the tutu. But I would love to be a giraffe. Or at least have an ass as nice as that zebra. :)

My brain is much right now. Do you think anyone will notice? No? Okay good. I feel better.

K and S said...

Wow Sue! Absolutely fabulous pictures. Great job!