Sunday, January 13, 2013

On the Job with Kona

Kona and I had a busy week of visits last week. We were at the VA three times! 

We got to see one of our favorite friends - Officer Dave.
 We also got to say hello to a veteran's service dog.  This little gal, named Daffy, looked like she could be Kona's little sister.  She was a real sweetheart.  
 Kona can be SUCH a flirt! 
 The more hands on him, the better! 

Kona was "guarding" the entrance to the hospice ward. He wanted to be sure that anyone that came by got some furry TLC.
We visited with lots of great friends this week too! 
On Monday our crew was (from left to right) Bella, the Goldendoodle, Max the Labradoodle, Kona, my English Cream Golden, Caleb, another Goldendoodle, Miss America, a Golden Retriever and Annabella Twinkletoes, a Boxer. 
Wednesdays visits are smaller with only Kona, and Brutus. Brutus is a beautiful Golden/Lab mix. These two make a great team. They are known around the VA as "Ebony and Ivory"
Friday we had quite the variety of pups. We had Spartan the Yellow Lab, "Baby" Jake, the Bull Mastive, Annabella Twinkletoes the Boxer again, Happy the Golden, Murphy Brown the Mini Poodle, Kona, and Ginger Rogers, another Golden.  Needless to say, people get a MAJOR kick out of seeing Baby Jake and Murphy Brown walking next to each other. We like to joke that they are "twins"! 

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Joan said...

Great blog. Can I bottle your energy and sell it?
I'm always impressed by all you accomplish! Loved seeing you & Kona Friday, Spartan was a bit overwhelmed. He's used to Aviara and the SB library. Joan