Friday, January 11, 2013

My Happy Jar

I did it...I made my jar.
Remember, I found this posting last month and mentioned that I was going to do it...well, I did.
 I went to Marshalls and got a jar and made it my own. I'm changing it up just a wee bit though - adding a bit, if you will. Whenever I write about something good that happens, I'm going to include some money with it. It might be a dollar, or a five dollar bill...who knows. Whatever I have handy when I write the note. Heck, if I'm broke when I'm writing it, I might just wrap up a quarter! Whatever the case, I'll add a little something to each note, so that next New Year's Eve not only will I have a jar full have happy moments to relive, but a nice little chunk of change to enjoy as well. Maybe I can take my family to dinner, or buy something nice for the house, or take a trip! Who knows, I guess it all depends on how many happy moments I have this year. So far I've written two notes to myself. I think its going to be fun. Why don't you do this along with me?


kks said...

oh, i love this idea sue! I'm in!

Chris H said...

I love this idea too Chick... and if you don't mind, I will link your post on mine so I can let my reader's know where I got the idea from.
Whoop! I am sure I can find some happy moments ... in between all the crappy ones around here! lol

Chris H said...

Wooo hoooo... I have found a jar that is PERFECT for the job.