Monday, January 21, 2013

A Dog Day

This weekend has been a busy one. We got Pickle back up to school and settled yesterday, and the house is back to being quiet.  If you can call a house with 4 Golden Retriever "quiet" - haha!  We haven't been doing much with the pups lately, other than their normal evening walk, so we decided it was time to give them some attention.  

Of course when I say that we haven't  been doing much, that doesn't include them getting their favorite treats...carrots, raw bones for their teeth, etc. These pups aren't starving, that's for sure! 
They love baby carrots!

Harley is chomping away....
                            "Thank you Mom, may we have another?" 
 "hey, why does she get to lick the leftovers off of your hand?"
 "More? Did you say there was more?"
 "I am a sad, pathetic, starving boy..." 

So, as I mentioned, we decided to do something fun with the pups today. We went up to the lake for a walk! We didn't go the whole way around (which is 5 miles) since we hadn't walked that far with them in a while.  We walked about a mile & 1/4 in and turned around. It was plenty for them for today, especially since it was starting to get warm.
Once we got home, we let them swim for a bit, and then gave all 4 of them a bath.  Jill was not thrilled with that part of the day. 
 Kona was enjoying the warm sun after his swim. 
 "Hello, Jack, turn this way please..."  ---  "No Mom, I will not...I'm mad, that bath water was COLD!" I'm ready to go back into the pool! 
  "Treat? Did someone say TREAT?"
 "OK, so who is the wise guy that made the rule about 'no wet dogs in the house'?  We protest!!"

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