Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo Shoot with the Dogs-Revisited

A while back there was an open call for dogs to come in for a photo shoot for a "Rover" coffee table photo book, being shot by Andrew Grant. We took all 4 of our pups in. Although only Jack was chosen to actually be in the book, we loved the photos of all of the dogs. I think I shared some of these with you before, but I recently ran across them again, and thought they were worth re-posting.


                                                                     More of Kona
                                                               Our gaggle of Goldens
Thank you to Andrew Grant for these awesome photos of our gorgeous goldens!


The Life of Riley said...

How wonderful to have these studio photos of your Goldies. I think if I took my two Goldies to get photographed Enzo would dissapear into the background (he is paler than Kona) so I always have to phtograph him against something with colour.

Chris H said...

JACK IS A STAR, I have a soft spot for him. Give him a love from me. lol