Monday, August 13, 2012

30 Year Reunion Pictures - Part 1

After much anticipation, the night of the reunion was finally here! All of the prep work really did pay off and the evening seemed almost magical. It was absolutely fantastic to see so many friends from the past.

This was more than a stroll down memory was a marathon, and even though I was on my feet the entire evening trying to capture every moment with my camera, I was able to spend some quality time catching up with some of my oldest friends.

It was an evening I will most certainly remember.

Here is the best (partial) group picture I have so far...
We had a memorial table honoring our classmates who are, sadly, no longer with us.
The display tables looked good.

Of course the real draw was the promise of seeing old friends!

Sylvia and Bill
 Dave, Marci and Steve
 Lori and Scott
 Melissa and Mike
 Bill, Howard, Me and Tim
 Ken, Patti, Doug, me, Jon, Sylvia and Yvette
Sherry, Luis, Eric, Mark and Tonya
 Allan and Louis
 Didi, Rob and Marivic
 Regi, Ted, Ron, April and Roviric
 Suzanna and Adrian
Paul, Lori and Linda
 Kim, Colleen and Sue
 Chris and Leslie
 Chris and Dennis
 Kathy and Vernon
 Mark, Sandy and Kathy
 Joyce, Frances and Joe
Moses and Quinn
Ken and Patti
 Patti, Janet and Jeff
Jenny and Kathy
 Sherry and Paul
 Kelly and John

 My saint of a husband, and me. (He put up with a lot of my stressing out as the reunion was getting close...)

Ok, so that's it for the first bunch. I'll add more either later this evening, or tomorrow. Stay tuned - and feel free to share this blog with other alumni you think may like to see the pictures. 

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kks said...

what a great looking class reunion! and you look fab!